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Certified Ritchey Assemblers

The new Certified Ritchey Assembler program is a collection of shops around Europe and the United Kingdom that offer their communities outstanding service and expert builds of Ritchey frames with legendary Ritchey components. Support your local shop!

Lead photo: Olivier inside the Fietsen King shop in Kessel-Lo, Belgium

Update 15 November 2023 - We have expanded the Certified Ritchey Assembler program to the North American market!


We here at Ritchey are firm believers in the idea that cycling, and bicycles, bring people together in very special ways. Cycling is its own special community, proudly counting all sorts of riders and fans as citizens relying on each other for friendship, inspiration, and motivation. Yet our beloved activity – this sport we're so passionate about - also bonds the wider community. It brings together people who might not otherwise meet, encourages more local business, it's great for the environment and our health, and it's…that's right, fun!


At the core of these important communities around the world are local bike shops. These businesses are so much more than just retail outlets or where you go to get your bike quickly repaired. Your local shop is a gathering place for like-minded souls. It's where we go to talk bikes with experts and fellow fanatics. Your local shop is a hub of activity where we meet for rides, hear about the latest bike gear, and maybe even sip a coffee. Your local shop is there for you and to keep those important community relationships lively and relevant.


And, of course, your beloved local shop is there to provide you with the best bicycles, bike parts, cycling accessories, and the most reliable repair services.

Ritchey wants to celebrate the value that your local shop brings to you and your community. It’s an important distinction that deserves much attention.


As such, we've decided to recognize exclusive local shops around Europe that not only positively impact their local communities, but that also deliver a high level of service and dedication to you, your friends, and your family by masterfully assembling breathtaking builds of our cherished bicycle frames with Ritchey’s offering of legendary components.

We plan to add to this list of Certified Ritchey Assemblers, but here's the current collection of our trusted partners. Hopefully, one is near you. If not, we recommend you humbly suggest to your local shop for them to contact us about becoming a Certified Ritchey Assembler:

#CertifiedRitcheyAssembler #BuiltFromLife


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