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Ritchey FAQ

  • How do I identify my hub?

  • Axle Conversion

  • How do I service my hub?

  • Is there a rider weight limit to my Ritchey product?

  • How do I get a frame repainted?

  • How can I stop my seatpost from slipping?

  • What is the torque spec for clamping a post in my Ritchey Carbon Frame?

  • Will SPD cleats work with Ritchey MTB pedals?

  • How do I pack my Ritchey Break Away Bicycle?

  • How do I have my Ritchey torque wrench recalibrated?

  • Do I need to use frame saver on my Ritchey frame?

  • How do I install my C260?

  • I need a replacement headset for my Scott, how do I order one?

  • Tire Direction

  • How to Pack a Ritchey Break-Away Bicycle

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