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WCS 1-Bolt Zero Offset Seatpost



Possibly the cleanest post on the market, Ritchey's Zero-Offset WCS 1-Bolt post combines elegant design excellence with unparalleled performance. Wide single bolt secured saddle clamp reduces stress on saddle rails, making the patented SideBinder clamp's easy adjustability the most functionally aesthetically pleasing post Ritchey offers.

Tech Specs

Material7050 alloy
Diameter27.2, 30.9, 31.6mm
Total length300, 350, 400mm (including 100mm of minimum insert)
Saddle clamp7x7mm saddle rail clamp included (interchangeable clamps available for carbon rail saddles)
Saddle clamp torque12Nm (max)
Seat collar torquenot specified - follow frame/seat binder specification
Weight225g (27.2x350mm)


1-bolt clamp

1-bolt Clamp

A simple and elegant design that offers near infinite axial adjustment with just one bolt security.

Tech Drawing

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