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WCS Trail Saddle



When the going gets rough, less is more when it comes to saddles. The WCS Trail saddle was designed with a flat, minimal shape that offers just enough high-density superlight polyurethane foam padding to get through the rocky sections of your favorite trail. Yet it's sleek enough to easily allow you to get behind the bottom bracket when necessary for those rowdy, technical descents. A microfiber cover with Kevlar® abrasion-resistant sides bolsters the durability of the WCS Trail, and it features Ritchey's revolutionary patented Vector Wing technology, which helps eliminate hots spots by dissipating pressure away from the sit bones more evenly for all-day comfort.  

Tech Specs

Vector Wing design
Rail dimensions7x7mm
ShellNylon + carbon fiber
Paddinghigh-density superlight polyurethane foam
Covermicrofiber with Kevlar® abrasion resistant sides

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