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Ritchey Cabrillo Saddle
Ritchey Cabrillo Saddle
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WCS Cabrillo Saddle



The WCS Cabrillo, Ritchey’s newest saddle offering, combines Tom’s decades of saddle design expertise, cutting-edge materials, and advanced manufacturing techniques to create a modern saddle for tarmac, gravel, and beyond.

Constructed with a unique seamless cover that attaches to the base without glue, stitches, or staples, the new Cabrillo enjoys a sleek look that’s durable and waterproof. It also has a shorter nose, wider body, and flatter shape that lets you move around the saddle with ease and comfort. It’s shock-absorbent padding reduces rider fatigue – brought to you by a light polyurethane foam layer.

The WCS Cabrillo also features Ritchey's revolutionary patented Vector Wing technology - the hallmark of all Ritchey saddles, which isolates the rails to help eliminate hots spots by dissipating pressure away from the sit bones more evenly for all-day comfort.

Ready to rock gravel, roll tarmac, and rip every other surface, the new Cabrillo ensures a comfortable and confident experience full of stoke and inspiration.

Tech Specs

Vector Wing design
Seamless cover & shell integration
Railsstainless steel
Rail dimensions7x7mm
ShellNylon + carbon fiber
Paddinglight polyurethane foam
Coverpremium Ritchey synthetic upper with glossy dot pattern

Logic Features

flat top saddle design

Flat Design

Flat saddle top for riders and racers who tend to be more flexible and like to move around the saddle.

ritchey vector wing saddle

Vector Wing

Isolated and suspended rear saddle rail attachment points offer natural pressure distribution to eliminate hot spots.

Tech Drawing

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