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The definition of cycling is elusive, yet it’s visceral in ways that define the process. It's a wave of words that wash over the mind when asked about the ride that can’t be enunciated. It's the subtleties of tone that emit from the soft hum of the tarmac below while going from a straight away into a hard corner. It's the veins of roads that cross the Earth, dotted with unforgettable experiences along the way. It's as simple as a first ride to school and as complex as a peloton navigating a technical course. It can be boiled down to its simplest form: freedom. It's the pure joy and happiness that swells while one's own legs pedal along the distance ridden to new destinations. The freedoms a bike can offer are like nothing else in this world.

For me, road is king.

Tom Ritchey


There are few things in this world that give the exhilaration of descending an alpine pass with the freehub buzzing just above the hum of the tires as they grip a tight curve. Or the triumph of taking hold of the bars and piloting them to a remote destination under one's own volition. The bike is the perfect vehicle for achieving freedom. It's a form of escapism—to that childlike jubilance of spinning wheels gliding over fresh tarmac until there's the feeling of wind on the cheek and a horizon around the bend. It's all just a bike ride away—it's as simple as that. Find your freedom of choice.

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