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Discovery — a single word that would drive a movement and define a brand. Discovery is what drove Tom to create his first run of mountain bikes. From discovering the limits and breaking them with frame and tubing design. To the discovery of what could be done and going beyond the boundaries of where a bicycle was intended to go. That ultimately lead to the discovery of something new served that would serve as the genesis to seek uncharted territory and pushed Ritchey to create a new category to ride. It was the discovery through riding that propelled Ritchey to create and refine components that could thrust past the barriers of what was rideable and waiting to be discovered.

I solved problems that had never been solved.

Tom Ritchey


Ritchey knows the power of an outstanding bike is the sum of its parts. Grasped grips on the right bars, attached to the perfect length stem, controlling robust wheels, mated to the right tires for the trail working in unison. Since day one, Ritchey has produced components of cunning intellect that perform in any condition asked of them. Having set countless industry standards in all disciplines, Ritchey continues to raise the bar for outstanding excellence in MTB components. Shop for your right tool for the job today.

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