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A toast to those who came before us: To those who heard their names whispered on the trade winds. The young sailors who took their best of intentions and struck out across the seas. To those who drew the maps. The steady hands that traced the contours of the countryside to paper for others to explore. To those that knew better than to stop where the trail ended. The names etched in homage on city streets far from where they originated.

A toast to an unquenchable thirst for finding out what's just beyond that pass: to the feeling of knowing exactly where you are despite having never seen this land before.

A toast to the riddle that drives us toward the beyond: what's next.

I thought every bike was a gravel bike.

Tom Ritchey


One part cartographer, one part sherpa, more than a few parts hard-headed determination are the crucial elements to starting on an expedition. The best gravel bike adventures start with finding a point on a map and tracing your lines to get there, whether it's a quick city escaping over-nighter, or a month long journey across the Andes. Choosing the right components well helps make the trip all the more enjoyable. From our multi-hand position VentureMax, to the ever impressive Ascent, Ritchey components are designed to provide outstanding performance that require little more thought than "where to next?"

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