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Certified Ritchey Assembler - Mariposa Bicycles
Certified Ritchey Assembler

Mariposa Bicycles

Toronto, Canada

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Mariposa Bicycles

What are the names of the owners of your shop?
Michael and Dede Barry

How did you get into cycling, personally?
Michael’s father founded Mariposa Bicycles, and this is where he caught the cycling bug as a toddler. Michael went on to race bikes professionally for 14 years, representing Canada at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. He was also a member of several top World Tour teams - racing in the Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana and Giro d’Italia, among many others.

Dede was introduced to cycling as a teenager as a form of cross training for speedskating. She eventually switched to cycling and won the 1989 Junior World Championship road race. As a member of the United States National and Olympic Cycling teams, she went on to win medals at the Olympics, World Championships, National Championships and Pan-American competitions. Dede also raced professionally with the Saturn and T-Mobile professional cycling teams.

Outside the shop, Dede and Michael regularly coach, ride, and ski in the Toronto area. And, along with some of their friends, they organize a youth cycling development program and lead cycling tours.

For how many years has your shop been in business?
We are a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1969.

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Mariposa Bicycles

What is your shop’s mission statement?
From the first frame handbuilt in 1969, Mariposa has been about one goal: building the ideal bicycle for the customer.

What makes your shop different than other shops?
Mariposa Bicycles is a hand built bicycle manufacturer. Our team has expertise in all things cycling.

Why did you choose to carry Ritchey products?
They are beautifully and practically designed bikes and components.

What is your favorite Ritchey product?
The Outback.

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Mariposa Bicycles

Shop Info
Mariposa Bicycles – Bicycle Specialties Ltd.
45 Cranfield Road Unit 6
Toronto, ON M4B3H6

Store Hours
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 6:00 p.m.

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