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Certified Ritchey Assembler - Irontrust
Certified Ritchey Assembler


Capri, Italy

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Irontrust

What are the names of the owner of your shop?
Lorenzo Marchi and Cristina Pirondi

How did you discover cycling?
I started as a mechanical engineer and designer with a passion for MTB. Then from a passion it became a job when together with Cristina we started distributing the Electra brand.

How long has Irontrust been in business?
Since 2004.

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Irontrust - Capri, Italy

What makes your shop different than others?
We are resellers of niche and particular brands- not very famous but of high quality.

Why did you choose to carry Ritchey products?
Ritchey represents mountain biking and cycling, in general - always present in the disciplines I love most Ritchey makes high quality products without compromise.

What is your favorite ritchey product?
All framesets

Certified Ritchey Assembler - Irontrust - Capri, Italy

Do you have any organized rides?
We have regular outings every week. But our main event is the Kingofgravel that we organize every year - a gravel race that involves the whole territory with routes up to 160km.

Store Info
Via Baldassarre Peruzzi, 22/
41012 Carpi (MO)

Monday-Friday: 8:30-12:30 / 15:00-19:00

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