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Certified Ritchey Assembler - BCT Roma
Certified Ritchey Assembler

BCT Roma

Rome, Italy


What is the name of the owner of your shop?
Fabrizio Avorio

How did you discover cycling?
My father was a big fan of cycling races. I remember that he never missed a Classic, and he would take me to see the arrival of the stages of the Giro d’Italia near our home. There I was able to admire the great Champions of the time. When I was very young I got my first bike, and over the years bikes have always remained by my side.

For how many years has BCT Roma been in business?
Ten years in total - five of them in the new shop in Piazza Gracia.

Certified Ritchey Assembler - BCT Roma - Rome, Italy

What is your shop’s mission statement?
First of all, we are passionate about bikes. We try to satisfy customer needs with a selection of products that are always sought after and special - to stand out from the crowd.

What makes your shop different than others?
Our Passion. Before being resellers, we are cyclists. We always love testing new product arrivals, and we don't have anything in store that we haven't touched or tested first. When we approach a new customer, we usually first have long chats to understand their needs and then direct and advise them towards one or two of the most suitable option.

Why did you choose to carry Ritchey products?
The quality of Tom's products is unquestionable. Ritchey is one of the few brands to have an important history behind it - boasting several victories in various world competitions, both in MTB, cyclocross and road.

What is your favorite ritchey product?
The Outback frame without a doubt! Having the comfort of a steel frame and one of the lightest frames on the market is priceless!

Certified Ritchey Assembler - BCT Roma - Rome, Italy

Store Info
BCT Roma
Piazza Grecia 32
00196 Roma (RM)

Monday 15:30-19:30
Tuesday - Saturday 9:30-13:30 / 15:30-19:30

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