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Introducing the 2021 Ritchey Ascent

Way back in 2015, Ritchey introduced the Ascent, a discipline-breaking adventure and bikepacking rig with a steel fork that easily handled different wheel sizes - from 27.5" to 29er. It proved to be quite popular with riders looking to go far, get dirty, and have fun.

The world of gravel, adventure, and bikepacking has evolved quite a bit over the last several years, and Ritchey is excited to have a new version of the Ascent in its line-up that meets the demands of adventurous riders.

Introducing the 2021 Ritchey Ascent.

The 2021 version of the Ascent keeps the proven geometry of the original but builds upon it with some modern features such as a new Ritchey steel fork with Boost spacing, a dynamo mount, and multi-purpose mounts on the legs. It also also sports amulti-purpose mount on the bottom side of the downtube, and the rear of the bike features a 12mm thru-axle and Boost spacing, along with rack and fender mounts.

The new Ascent is a go-anywhere machine that beautifully brings together a mix of versatility, practicality, and durability. Mount a Ritchey Beacon XL handlebar and 700c tires loaded up with bags for an adventure in the Swiss Alps. Or run it with 27.5" wheels, a bar bag, and mountain bike bar and get dirty on some twisty trails and rugged roads in the Midwest. The Ascent rides like a mountain bike but performs like a touring bike and is a blast on everything in between. Ultimately, the Ascent is the perfect bike for long-distance and overnighters along dirt in the mountains or remote rural landscapes.

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