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Beware of Counterfeit Products

Beware of counterfeit Ritchey products sold through unauthorized channels.

In these times it has become easier for products to be counterfeited. These fake products do not represent Ritchey's high standards for design, materials or quality. We are in no way affiliated with these products and cannot guarantee your safety if you choose to purchase and use any counterfeit product not obtained from an authorized Ritchey dealer. Ritchey does aggressively pursue counterfeit product and pursues legal action against unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers to prevent these products from making it to the market, but it is not possible to stop them all. If you choose to purchase and use a look-alike product on the web with a price far below the Ritchey MSRP it is a clear indication you need to take care regarding safety as it may be a counterfeit product. For this reason we recommend that all customers only purchase genuine Ritchey product from an authorized Ritchey dealer. By doing so (and retaining your proof of purchase) your Ritchey product will be covered by our warranty policy as we do stand behind the products we make.

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FAQ's ABOUT POTENTIALLY COUNTERFEIT PRODcra very high quality standard, and it would not be possible to make product of a similar level of quality and sell it as cheaply as what's commonly seen from counterfeit sources. Ritchey has also acquired counterfeit product and subjected it to industry standard testing as well as our own internal testing and found those products significantly lacking in the strength and durability that we require of our products to ensure rider safety.

Q: How can I tell if a Ritchey Product is possibly counterfeit?

A: Often times you can quickly determine that a product is a fake because it is visibly different in design, graphics or finish than anything shown on the www.Ritcheylogic.com website. However, counterfeiters are getting better at copying product and this may not be effective in some cases. When in doubt you can contact Ritchey directly and we'll help. Also, by purchasing only from Authorized Ritchey Dealers you can rest assured that the product you’re purchasing is genuine.

Q: Could there be Genuine Ritchey product be available for purchase direct from the factory/manufacturing source at a major discount?

A: This is not possible. The vast majority of counterfeit product we see originates from China, and Ritchey does not manufacture any of the typically counterfeited product we see (handlebars, stems or seatposts) in China.

Q: Will someone stand behind the sale if I have a problem with this product and it turns out to be counterfeit?

A: Ritchey stands behind genuine Ritchey products purchased through Authorized Ritchey Dealers. If you are uncertain of the authenticity of a seller, please contact Ritchey to confirm. In the case of an unauthorized or counterfeit seller, Ritchey cannot support these products, and therefore customers purchasing products from these questionable sources will have to go directly to that seller for warranty, returns, liability claims or other service.

Q: Why doesn't Ritchey do more to stop the rampant counterfeiting of its product?

A: We aggressively pursue and close down counterfeit sellers and websites and will continue to do so. We do this to protect the reputation of the Ritchey name, and also to help prevent these low-quality products from reaching riders and potentially causing injury. Due to the nature of international law, the pursuit and closure of counterfeit sellers is more challenging in some regions, which impairs our ability to control counterfeit product. If you locate a seller that looks suspicious, you can help by informing us here.

IMPORTANT: If you buy a Ritchey branded product through any other channel than an authorized resellers, you are advised we do not guarantee the integrity of the goods and will not be held responsible for any warranty or liability claims.

PLEASE PURCHASE ONLY FROM AUTHORIZED DEALERS as purchasing on-line from unknown parties offering counterfeit product can lead to failure and injury from unsafe product.





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