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Ritchey Phantom Flange Road Hubs



One of the bigger innovations Tom created in the last ten years, the Phantom Flange forged flange hubs bear the experience of over 50 years of building exceptional wheels.

The heart of the Phantom Flange concept hides the bed where j-bend spoke heads securely rest in the hub body, saving weight and creating a more suitable interface between the hub and the spoke that reduces stress on the spoke while making a stronger wheel. Likewise, the forged flanges already have the bed pressed into the spoke hole where the spoke head seats to also reduce stress on the spoke head. Off-set spoke beds on the flange allow the spokes to pull true tension without interference from their trailing corresponding spokes reducing the risk of mid spoke wear and breakage.

All of this logical and precise design and engineering come together to offer a refined and stealthy aesthetic at the heart of your next road bike wheel build.

Contact Ritchey for advice on spoke length when building wheels with Phantom Flange hubs.

Tech Specs

Hubsproprietary superlight Phantom Flange hubs with hidden J-bend spokes - standard quick release only
Hub spacing100mm front / 130mm rear
Freewheelpatented 6-pawl, 12-point micro-clutch engagement system
Freehub materialalloy
Freehub optionsShimano
CompatibilityShimano 9/10/11-speed and 12-speed road cassette
Disc brake compatibilityno
Front20 spokes holes
Rear24 spokes holes
Coloranodized red

Logic Features

Phantom Flange

Phantom Flange

Elegantly integrated forged spoke beds in hub shell reduce stress on the spoke head for a stronger wheel system.

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