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WCS Streem Vector Evo Saddle



The result of more than forty years of ride experience and product development, the WCS Vector Evo Streem saddle is the fruition of Tom Ritchey's goal of making the first superlight saddle to offer honest, epic ride comfort — exactly what he wants to ride.

The flat profile across the back of the saddle, as well as the flat front-to-back profile, makes the Streem a great fit for riders who like to move around on the saddle a lot. It features a thin padding profile and a flat, low profile shape with superlight foam profile and a Microfiber covering.

The heart of the Vector Evo Streem saddle is the unique carbon reinforced thermoplastic rail that works with the Vector Wing™ system to distribute stress and manage shell flex. This offers superior compliance over traditional carbon rail saddles. The carbon rail material has qualities that absorb energy and diffuse stress, and it enjoys precisely-tuned lateral flex to allow the saddle to follow the rider’s natural pedal motion. A narrow clamping zone increases pedaling clearance, while a reverse hammock rail shape resists “sag” found in other saddles after long-term use.

Tech Specs

Vector Wing design
Dimensions278x132mm or 276x145mm
RailsVector Evo rail (Evo clamp required) for use with the Ritchey LINK seatpost system
ShellNylon + carbon fiber
Paddingsuperlight polyurethane foam
Covermicrofiber cover
Colorblack or white
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