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WCS Carbon Echelon Pedals



The world-beating performance of the Echelon just got better, thanks to the addition of a high-strength carbon fiber body that drops this already lightweight pedal down to an incredible 220 grams a set.

The WCS Echelon Carbon pedal offers a proven pedal design in a lightweight, reasonably-priced package. This Keo-compatible pedal features a combination of bushings and bearings for extremely long life, adjustable spring tension and a composite body and high-strength carbon claw, and a low-profile cleat/pedal interface for maximum pedaling efficiency. The pedal's lifespan is also increased thanks to a sealed cartridge outer bearing. A stainless steel cleat promises excellent wear and no noise. The Echelon Carbon also offers adjustable tension with extra-strong springs for powerful riders. Works with Ritchey or look Keo™ cleats.

Tech Specs

Bodycarbon thermoplastic
Axle MaterialCroMo
Clawcarbon reinforced thermoplastic
Inner Bearingbushing
Middle Bearingneedle
Outer Bearingsealed cartridge
Distance crank-to-center52mm
Pedal stack height16.65mm
Cleat contact surface654 sq. mm
Sold as a pair
Cleats included
ColorUD matte carbon

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