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Comp Semi Integrated ZS Headset



For bikes with semi-integrated ZS head tubes, the Ritchey Comp Semi-Integrated ZS headset stands out above all others. The Comp features full-complement stainless steel angular contact cartridge bearings packed with Ritchey high-webbing grease. The upper bearing is a sealed cartridge, while the lower bearing is coated in titanium.

Tech Specs

Stack Height10.3 (1 ⅛”) / 11.6mm (1 1.5" tapared) 
Headtube ID upper44mm
Headtube ID lower44, 55, 56mm
S.H.I.S. upperZS44/28.6 (1 ⅛”)
S.H.I.S. lowerZS44/30 (1 ⅛”), ZS55/40 (1.5"), ZS56/40
Bearingssemi-cartridge (SSC)
Weight83g (1 ⅛”)

Tech Drawing

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