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Comp Integrated IS Headset

Stack Height


For bikes featuring integrated headsets (such as the Ritchey Road Logic and Swiss Cross), the Comp Integrated IS Headset stands above all others. The Comp features semi-cartridge high-quality bearings.

Tech Specs

Stack Height6.8mm (1 ⅛”) / 6.7mm, 16.6mm (1 1.5" tapared) 
Stack height upper6mm (1 ⅛”) / 5.15mm, 15.3mm (1 1.5" tapared) 
Stack height lower0.8mm (1 ⅛”) / 1.55mm, 1.3mm (1 1.5" tapared) 
Headtube ID upper42mm
Headtube ID lower42, 52mm
S.H.I.S. upperIS42/28.6 (1 ⅛”)
S.H.I.S. lowerIS42/30 (1 ⅛”), IS52/40 (1.5")  
Bearingssemi-cartridge (SSC)
Weight75g (1 ⅛”)

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