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Switch Upper Headset



A key component of the new Ritchey Switch System, Ritchey's newest headset upper is designed to specifically work with the Ritchey Switch Stem to route cables, wires and hydraulic lines from the handlebar through to the bicycle frame. Cables are routed from the handlebar into the headset conduit, which sits on the underside of the Switch Stem and then travel through an opening on the front of the Switch headset spacers before passing through two channels on the top of the headset and into the frame. This system allows headset bearings to perform without any interference from cables, wires, or lines passing through the headtube.

The Switch Headset ships with two Switch Spacers. Additional Switch Spacers are also

Important: The length of the headset conduit must match the length of the desired Switch Stem.


About the Ritchey Switch System

The Ritchey Switch System is an innovative integrated system designed to easily conceal internally routed cables, wires, and hydraulic lines from the handlebar into bicycle frames with straight 1.5" head tubes together with tapered 1-1/8" – 1.5" forks. The Switch System consists of three elements:

  • Switch Stem
  • Switch Headset
  • Switch Headset Spacers

Tech Specs

Material Nylon + glass fiber
Stack Height21.7mm (IS) or 23.7mm (ZS)
Headtube ID52mm (IS) or 55/56 (ZS)
Headtube OD56mm (IS) or 61/62 (ZS)
S.H.I.S.IS52/28.6 (1.5”) – ZS55/28.6 (1.5”) - ZS56/28.6 (1.5”)
Bearings51.80/40mm 45°/45° - sealed cartridge (ACB)
5mm x2pc interlocking spacers included
Compression cap NOT included

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