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SuperLogic Butano Ridge



Deep in the Northern California forests, nearly fifty years ago, Tom Ritchey, his mentor, Jobst Brandt, and a group of like-minded friends would spend countless adventurous hours riding the remote trails, broken tarmac and rough gravel roads that twist through the mountains in and around the Butano State Park in northern California. Tom still rides these trails and roads today, and the topography and pioneering rides that took place there were the inspiration for the original Butano handlebar.

Since its introduction a few years ago, the Butano has been adopted by legions of gravel lovers and road riders. Its modest drop flare angle offers adventurous off-road riders an increased level of control and confidence compared to more traditional drop bars. Yet, the drop flare is not so radical as to make more traditional road riders bristle at its aesthetics.

Taking cues from the more recent Ritchey road combo bars, such as the SoloStreem and MonoCurve, the SuperLogic Butano Ridge fills the demands of adventurous riders calling for a carbon fiber version of the Butano. We’ve doubled down on the original concept of the Butano by blessing it with the SuperLogic treatment and delivering an integrated bar/stem combo that is lightweight, stealthy, and more than capable of handling the rough stuff when it turns into fast rough stuff.

This magnificent monocoque carbon fiber beauty offers complete internal cable/wire/hose routing for modern gravel and road bike frames. The underside of the bar features a removable cable cover offering easy access for cable routing, and doubles its duty with the ability to receive an integrated accessory mount (sold separately).

The breathtaking aesthetics of the Butano Ridge are well complimented by its supreme comfort and control afforded by its shallow drop, short reach, and pleasant backsweep – as well as the ergo aero tops that deliver logical ergonomics.

With a nod to the boundaryless spirit of those original Jobst Rides and a wink to today’s tarmac disciples, the SuperLogic Butano Ridge refuses to adhere to just one cycling discipline. After all, the union of comfort, control, and style knows no limits. And neither should your rides.

Tech Specs

Materialcarbon fiber monocoque
Bend shapecompact
Top sectionergo aero
Size options (availability varies by market)

42cm = 90/100mm
44cm = 100/110mm
Drop flare17.5°
Flare out2.2°
Stem angle80°
Steerer height42mm
Cable routinginternal
Clip-on compatibilityno
Lever/shifter torque5Nm (recommended)
Stem clamp torque5Nm
Other featuresmounting holes for computer/accessory mount
Weight417g (44cm x 110mm stem)
Colormatte UD carbon finish

Logic Features

ergo aero top

Ergo-Aero Top

A flattened round top offers a comfortable ergonomic hand position with aerodynamic benefits.

drop flare

Drop Flare

Indicates the angle of the drops away from the center of the bar.

Tech Drawing

  • Design

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