This is the first superlight saddle to offer honest, epic ride comfort.

Tom Ritchey has been riding 10,000 miles a year for 40 years—literally. That’s almost half a million miles in the saddle. No other saddle developer has more test miles. Tom offered his first saddle design, the original Vector, in the 1990s. The Vector Evo is the saddle he’s wanted to make for years, and now materials and manufacturing methods have finally made it possible.

The key to the system is the patented Vector Evo rail. far more than just another ‘mono rail’ design, the Vector Evo acts like a carefully-tuned suspension system for your body weight, managing stress through the rail itself and into the Vector Wing. It also allows an amount of lateral flex that flows with your pedal stroke, further eliminating hot spots on long rides. The design is also very strong and prevents the sag that most other lightweight saddles suffer.

There are other lightweight saddles out there, and other single-rail saddle designs from the ‘big names’. But no other saddle system offers the level of refined ride comfort, weight savings and adjustment range as the Ritchey Vector Evo.

  • Revolutionary patented design increases comfort, durability and adjustment range
  • Carbon reinforced thermoplastic rail works with Vector Wing™ system to distribute stress and manage shell flex
  • Superior compliance over traditional carbon rail saddles
  • Rail material has qualities that absorb energy and diffuse stress
  • Precisely tuned lateral flex allows the saddle to follow the rider’s natural pedal motion
  • Narrow clamping zone increases pedaling clearance
  • Reverse hammock rail shape resists “sag” found in other saddles after long-term use
  • Micro fiber cover & Superlight foam
  • For use with the versatile Ritchey LINK seatpost system