Trail Drive


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Part #: 46450817020

In 1984 Tom was the first to appropriate road tire technology for MTB tire design by introducing higher TPI and more compliant rubber compounds. While he pioneered trail specific tread patterns, Vector Force Analysis technology for MTB tires was developed. The result was the first ever rotation directional specific tire; soon thereafter he applied this technology to the first front and rear tire specific treads.

30 years later, Tom refined this technology and applied it to the Trail Bite and Drive tires. Featuring a wider, reinforced casing to handle a more aggressive terrain, the Bite and Drive are our newest offering for all mountain riding.

  • Drive: rear, rotational specific low durometer rubber tread for exceptional climbing traction drives the bike forward for the best grip and power transfer.
  • 7mm Casing width - a true 2.25 wide trail tire
  • WCS incorporates Tubeless ready bead and soft compound rubber
  • Available in 650b or 29"
  • WCS (120 TPI) or Comp (30TPI) levels
  • StrongHold™ bead-to-bead casing reinforcement (WCS)

Trail Drive