For our strong lineage of bikes we offer Heritage Paint schemes

There are few things that can complement the details and elegance of a well-built frame. Often overlooked in its importance, it is the paint job which elevates the stature of the frameset and gives it the character it deserves. At Ritchey, we take the painting of our frames just as seriously as each and every detail of the frame construction itself. It’s the final touch before sending the frame on its way to a long and fruitful life.

In honor of our respect for the painted frame, we tapped the man who Tom first trusted to pay the same careful attention to painting as Tom did brazing. For over 30 years, Rick Stefani has been our go to for any paint project, show special or one off frame. Now you can have a Ritchey hand painted by the very man himself, in one of four paint schemes that harken back to the early days of Ritchey bikes. We are proud to offer to you our Heritage Paint option for any steel frameset of your choice, provided by Rick Stefani of D&D cycles.

Commando Camo Heritage Paint


It is said this paint job was request of Tom by Northern California farmers in the late 70’s so as to be discrete while tending to their crop. It has since become an iconic paint scheme recognized the world over, and often replicated. A true fan will know, only Rick has the careful combination of color that makes the Commando Camo stick out in any bike line up.

Urban Camo Heritage Paint


As Commando Camo became a quick favorite amongst paint job connoisseurs, the non-rural clientele wanted something that referenced this scheme without the military allusions. From this, Urban Camo was born. Simple, understated, and fresh – the Urban Camo works on any ride anywhere.

Sunset Fade Heritage Paint


While most of the early Road Logics wore a head turning Ritchey Red, a few of the early favorites featured Rick’s signature color fade skills. The Sunset Fade is a catchy number whose timeless qualities will keep any frameset fashionably hip no matter the season or market trend.

Classic Ritchey Fade Heritage Paint


Is there anything more iconic than a Ritchey with the Team Red, White, and Blue fade? First debuted under the Ritchey Factory Team, the RWB fade was as notable as the riders who topped the bikes that wore the paint job itself. The brain child of Rick himself, there is nothing that says Ritchey more than the Team Red, White, and Blue fade.