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Beyond Gravel in Santa Barbara

Tom just completed a ride that he’s wanted to do for years. Starting in Santa Barbara, the ride goes from Romero Trail to Camino Cielo to Gibralter.

Being a typical “Tom Ritchey Route”, the terrain was rough and tough. Check out the photos of Tom and his trusty Ritchey Carbon Break-Away Bike (complete with WCS Zeta II wheels and our new VectorEvo Saddle System)!

TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-1TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-5 TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-4 TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-3 TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-2TR-Santa-Barbara-Romero-Camino-Cielo-Gibralter-2014-6