Component Levels

RITCHEY SUPERLOGIC™ – Simply put, this is as good as composite cycling components get. SuperLogic employs some of the most advanced carbon material currently available in the bike industry, with an extremely high tensile strength even for a composite, a unique-to-Ritchey resin system that dramatically improves toughness and fatigue life. SuperLogic is state-of-the-art in terms of materials and construction techniques available, with a stiffness-to-weight ratio (and pricetag) to match.
RITCHEY WCS™ (WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES) – The WCS line is the gold standard for lightweight, bombproof race parts and cutting edge innovation. The rainbow stripe WCS logo represents the numerous world champions that have won on Ritchey.
comp_logo_blk.gif RITCHEY COMP™ – COMP level components are designed to bring competition-worthy components down to a price that everyone can handle. You won't find carbon here, but you will find the kind of performance and reliability you expect from Ritchey.