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Ritchey's warranty policy is: if you buy a Ritchey branded product through any other channel than an authorized resellers, you are advised we do not guarantee the integrity of the goods and will not be held responsible for any warranty or liability claims. PLEASE PURCHASE ONLY FROM AUTHORIZED RESELLERS as purchasing on-line from unknown parties offering counterfeit product can lead to failure and injury from unsafe product. CONTACT YOUR RESELLER SHOULD YOU HAVE AN ISSUE WITH THE PRODUCT YOU PURCHASED.

We are seeing an increase of counterfeit and defectively manufactured product with the Ritchey brand offered on the Internet cycling marketplace. The principle method of sales for these products is EBay and other online auction style websites.

Due to privacy laws associated with administration of these sites, we are unable to acquire the contact information of consumers to alert them when we find illegal, counterfeit or unsafe product being sold with the Ritchey brand on the goods.

In many cases these goods are substandard and could fail (as they are not our designs and do not pass our testing standards); thereby seriously jeopardize the safety of the user. Our only recourse is to post this notice on our site and educate consumers to this unfortunate circumstance.

(Originally posted 5/30/2008)