Ritchey Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

Effective Date: November 1st, 2014

A. Introduction
In order to remain a Ritchey retailer in good standing, each retailer must comply with the following terms & conditions:

Ritchey has a long history of offering the highest quality bicycle frames, forks, wheels, components, accessories related items and services to independent retailer for resale to the public. In order to protect and maintain the reputation and goodwill of Ritchey and its innovative, high-quality products, Ritchey has determined that this Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAP) is necessary. Ritchey believes that retail sales of Ritchey products, other than in strict accordance with this Policy, will negatively affect the reputation and goodwill associated with Ritchey products, customer service in connection with Ritchey products, and competitiveness of Ritchey products in general. In order to remain a Ritchey customer in good standing, Ritchey’s MAP Policy must be followed at all times.

B. Who this policy covers
This policy covers all Ritchey products sold in the United States, and applies to all dealers/resellers who distribute and sell these products.

C. Pricing policy
Ritchey will provide all dealers with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) list at their request. Our dealers are under no obligation to sell Ritchey products at the MSRP. Dealers/resellers inclusive of all “doing business as” (DBA) aliases they may use expressly agree herein not to advertise Ritchey products below the MSRP:

  • On any website (operated by the retailer or otherwise, including via web fulfillment services)
  • Via online services, including auction sites
  • Within any catalog, brochure, mailer, flyer, email, or promotional document
  • On an order form, printed or electronic
  • On the retail sales floor

Advertising any Ritchey product below the MSRP is a violation of these terms. Violation of these terms will result in an email notification being sent to the dealer, along with a copy of this policy and our current price list. If within ten days the dealer is still found to be in violation of this policy, we will remove them from our authorized account list and ask our distributors to cease sales to these customers indefinitely.

Each retailer must comply with the following:

    1. The discounts permitted to be advertised by Ritchey may not be combined with any other discounts whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to coupons, in-store discounts and customer loyalty discounts.
    2. Retailers may not advertise or otherwise publish that they will price match any other retailer’s price on Ritchey Products and can only advertise reduced prices on Ritchey products per this Pricing Policy.
    3. Reseller prices subject to this MAP policy include any displayed price that does not require a user to ‘log in’ to an individual account.
    4. Ritchey retailer employee purchases are exempt from the Ritchey MAP Policy.
    5. Ritchey may require distributors and/or wholesalers who sell Ritchey products to terminate their shipments of Ritchey products to any retailers who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this Pricing Policy.
    6. This same policy applies to sales on auction-type websites, where upon retailers cannot promote, advertise or place online auctions of Ritchey products with prices for less than the MSRP.
    7. All Ritchey products must be purchased directly from Ritchey or from an authorized distributor.
    8. All Retailer websites, catalogs and retail locations must implement any changes to MSRP by the effective date indicated by Ritchey.
    9. All online resellers, either via their own websites or third-party services (eBay, Amazon, etc.) must include their telephone number, email address, and physical address in their listing or seller details.
    10. Resellers must provide to Ritchey a list of names other than the account name they use as a full disclosure of any and all alternate identities or “doing business as” (DBA) aliases used by the reseller to advertise Ritchey products. Should Ritchey link an undisclosed name to your account offering Ritchey products it is a violation of this policy.
    11. Ritchey is an international trademark (TM) and the TM is used with permission from Ritchey.
    12. All Ritchey product images, text, words and videos remain the copyrighted property of Ritchey and are used with permission from Ritchey.
    13. This Policy does not apply to close-outs of non-current Ritchey products, bona fide going out of business, liquidation or bankruptcy sales. Current products, which are found on the most current price list, are those to which this policy applies.
    14. Retailers that violate this MAP Policy will be subject to the following penalties:
      a. For a first violation – Ritchey will issue a written warning to the retailer. The retailer will have 10 days to correct the violation.
      b. If, after 10 days from the written warning, the promotional or advertised price in violation of Ritchey’s MAP policy has not been corrected, Ritchey will cancel any pending orders from the retailer and suspend the retailer’s account.
    15. Ritchey Employees and Sales Representatives are never authorized to, and will not, discuss any retailer or individual’s sales practices (or the application of this policy) with any other seller. Questions or comments should be directed in writing to:
      Ritchey Design
      575 Old County Road
      San Carlos CA 94070
    16. This Policy is subject to change by Ritchey at any time.

Please contact your Ritchey representative for a price list with MSRP/Minimum Advertised Pricing.