Reno, NV is the corporate headquarters for Ritchey Design. San Carlos, CA are the offices for sales, marketing, distribution and warranty. Ritchey Design is recognized around the world as one of the cycling industry’s premier innovators of high-quality bicycle components. Formed in 1974 by Tom Ritchey, the company actively designs a steady stream of new products, while constantly improving upon existing components, refining their lightness and durability with untiring drive, we call it; ‘relentless innovation.’ Modern day enthusiasts are very knowledgeable about their choices in the parts upgrade quest, Ritchey strives to be their very first choice.

The company is well-known for its technical merits through attention to detail during the product design phase, combine with rigorous fatigue testing, resulting in high-quality, road and mountain bike components. Under its Fit Logic philosophy, Ritchey Design offers a wide range of “cockpit” components (handlebars, stems seatposts, and headsets) that help riders custom fit their bikes for a more efficient and comfortable ride. Ritchey Design also offers a complete line of innovative products including: pedals, carbon wheels, carbon forks, saddles, and tires suitable for professional racers to the serious weekend rider. Additionally it designs, markets and sells a line of “Break-Away” travel bicycles for cyclists on the go.



  • Tom was the first frame builder to custom design super light steel tube-sets to meet his needs for a new paradigm in mtn bike frame-building. Logic Tubing was designed for non lugged, fillet brazed joinery and had elongated, thin walled center sections to reduce weight. Additionally, he refashioned the single bend chain stay combined with an ovalized seat tube at the BB to stiffen this region for better power transference.
  • Modernized mountain bike geometry by departing from slack angles of balloon tires bikes to steeper seat angles for more efficient pedaling position.
  • Butted and tapered Unicrown forks
  • Bullmoose bars – first integrated bar stem combo that was a drastic improvement in steering control.
  • Pressed seal bearing and Cartridge style bottom brackets – to allow for proper bearing loads while reducing weight
  • Vector Force Analysis Tire designs – parabolic curve to achieve highest traction moments
  • Front / Rear specific tire tread patterns
  • Compact Rescue Tool for minimalists
  • Break-Away travel bikes
  • Dual Spring release tension system for pedals
  • 2x9 drive-train
  • Dual Spring release tension system for pedals
  • 3-D and 4-D net shape forging for superior alloy and carbon parts
  • Logic Butted spokes with elongated center sections to reduce weight
  • Logic Headset with differential bearing sizes upper/lower
  • Bias cut steer clamps for stems with opposing bolts for clamping delicate carbon and lightweight ,alloys
  • Biomax Ergonomic handlebars



Tom Ritchey - Founder, owner & Director of Product Development, based in the U.S. - Read Tom's Bio
Phil Ellinwood - Chief Financial Officer, Director of Sourcing, and General Manager of Ritchey USA
Claudio Bianchi - CEO and General Manager of Ritchey International Ltd.
Maris Adamovics - Product Development Manager, based in Taiwan.

Phil Ellinwood – Chief Financial Officer, Director of Sourcing, and General Manager of Ritchey USA

Phil Ellinwood, CFO and manages a worldwide team of controllers, accountants and tax attorneys, along with all external audits of the company’s financial records.

Since joining Ritchey in 1992, Phil has developed an in-depth understanding of successfully running a business in the cycling industry. In his time with the company and under his tenure as CFO, Ritchey instituted a number of behind-the-scenes programs that have made a noticeable impact on the company’s ability to meet or exceed marketplace promises to customers.

Phil is known for his ability to make sound strategic decisions that maximize company sales and profits. Most recently, Phil gained a unique business perspective an experience that will help him keep the company on path for increased growth.

Additionally, Phil worked to grow the Ritchey Asia business unit from a sales office within a Taiwanese trading company to an independent business unit responsible for global product development, manufacturing, quality control and export.

Phil also has taken on the role as the General Manager of Ritchey’s North America office.

He holds a master’s degree in international business from American Graduate School of International Management and currently works out of the San Carlos, California, Sales and Warranty office.

Claudio Bianchi – CEO and General Manager of Ritchey International Ltd.

Claudio Bianchi, CEO and General Manager of Ritchey International Ltd., oversees the company’s day-to-day operations outside the United States and manages the company’s new product development cycles and product launches.

Claudio’s climb to the top reflects his persistence and is a token of his work ethic. After joining Ritchey in 1994 as a warehouse manager, Claudio moved into sales where he progressed as an aftermarket sales rep, original equipment (OE) sales representative and eventually a sales manager in 1997.

In 2001 the company restructured and Claudio was appointed GM over international operations. Under Claudio’s stewardship, Ritchey International has grown every year since he took over.

Claudio shares Tom Ritchey’s passion for well-designed and executed product. After winning Tom’s trust as GM, he was given the additional title of VP of Product Commercialization. Once Tom signs off on the final iteration of a design, Claudio and his team are responsible for bringing the product to market on schedule.

In 2015 Tom Ritchey asked Claudio to assume the role of CEO of Ritchey Worldwide.

Claudio works in the company’s international headquarters, located in Lugano, Switzerland and is famous for instituting the company’s “lunch ride,” a spirited road ride usually ending with pasta and fine espresso to complete the mid-day break.

Maris Adamovics - Product Development Manager

As Ritchey’s product development manager, Maris Adamovics has the distinct responsibility of commercializing Tom Ritchey’s innovations and ensuring all products meet Ritchey’s stringent safety and performance standards. In addition to working with various manufacturing and testing partners on a daily basis, Maris also manages Ritchey’s continually expanding in-house testing lab, located high above Taichung, Taiwan in Ritchey’s Far East office.

As a teenager, Maris supported his cycling hobby and amateur racing by working at a number of cycling shops from the age of 16. A self-described tech-geek with a pedal wrench in his pocket, he has also worked in numerous bike shops in California and Oregon –most recently as a service manager for a SF Bay Area chain prior to joining Ritchey in 1998.

In addition to his intimate knowledge of bikes, during his 10 years with Ritchey, Maris has served in many capacities including customer service, sales, Manager of Information Systems as well as purchasing and traffic management. With the recent acquisition of Syncros, Maris’ responsibilities expanded to include managing the development and refinement of this product line as well.

Since 2004, Maris has been based in Ritchey International’s Taiwan office where he continues to take Tom’s napkin drawings and make them into a reality. This includes designing, prototyping, testing and getting Tom Ritchey’s stamp of approval on all products that bare the Ritchey and Syncros names; whether they be a stem, a tool or even beer from the Ritchey tent at Sea Otter.