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Voluntary replacement: Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt Post

From: Ritchey Design 575 Old County Road San Carlos, CA 94070

Subject: Voluntary replacement of Ritchey WCS Carbon One-bolt Seatpost

Sizes Affected: 27.2 - all lengths, 30.9 - all lengths, 31.6 - all lengths with this serial number present on product: G70704931.6. All lengths having a different serial number than the one list above are safe to use.

Problem: This product was tested and confirmed to be safe with a high margin of testing results well beyond CEN product safety standards (widely reputed to be the toughest standards in the global marketplace). During a period in the late fall, there was a deviation at the vendor in manufacturing procedures that caused Ritchey to become aware of sub-standard test results. That deviation was identified and corrective action was taken. This corrective action solved the problem and testing results returned to the previous levels accomplished before product release.

Models NOT Affected: Fixed/Replacement 1-bolt posts: These are the posts in the marketplace that have been replaced due to the recall. One can tell by the wording on the Seatpost; If your post reads: HMF Carbon, you are OK and this is a non-affected replacement post.

Models NOT Affected: All WCS Alloy Single-bolt seatposts with integrated seat mast topper coming as original Equipment on Scott Bicycles. All WCS Alloy Single-blot seatposts in Zero offset. All 2 bolt seatposts, both carbon and alloy, are unaffected.

How to get your post back to Ritchey: Contact the sales department or warranty department for an RA number (Return Authorization number). This is critical for us so we can track the solution we work out with customers. Sending a post in WITHOUT an RA makes it impossible for us to give a prompt remedy.

Note: If the seatpost has been cut, it normally voids the Ritchey warranty, but in the interest of safety, Ritchey will relax that warranty requirement for this voluntary replacement announcement.


1) Once you have contacted Ritchey and obtained your RA Number, send the post back to us at the San Carlos Warranty office. Provide a shipping address for your replacement post and phone please.

2) A replacement will be sent out as soon as your one-bolt post arrives. We will replace your post with a comparable 1-bolt or Link Flexlogic post. Turnaround will be as quick as humanly possible.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We value safety as our primary concern and will act promptly to resolve this situation with you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Ritchey Design Sales & Warranty Office
San Carlos, CA

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