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The Japanese Odyssey: 2018 Ride Summary & Gallery

Through a collaboration with Apidura and 7Mesh, was dispatched to ride and document the Japanese Odyssey. A photographer from Scotland, James spent 10 days riding around Japan and returned with a new camera, many rolls of film, and an interesting story to tell about his adventure. In addition to the story you're going to read here, Apidura is hosting more words and images from James. You can find that .


I’m writing this having just watched the I was generously lent leave in the cab of a lorry: as if the courier instinctively new despite its shabby well traveled cardboard box that it deserved special treatment. I like to think I’m not the kind of person that gets emotionally attached to material objects and yet I clearly have. I’ve dragged it through airport after airport; assembled it in tiny hotel pods; squeezed it onto bullet trains and its not once complained.

The journey begins at kilometer zero, a bridge hidden under layers of Tokyo flanked either side by newer, larger bridges and with a motorway flyover running parallel to the river. Tokyo is both densely packed and sprawling and as we rode out towards Mount Fuji we quickly spread out onto different routes with riders sporadically criss-crossing each other.

Sitting in the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with the enormity of the Atomic Bomb Dome and everything it represented in front of me my doubts about stopping ebbed away and were replaced by a sense of the enormity, power and heinousness of what happened there.

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