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NAHBS 2019 Bike Check with Breismeister Bicycles

North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a treat we get to participate in every year by working with our partners in the custom builder community. This year we featured 4 different custom steel bike builders in our booth, each with a different take on our individual lines from WCS gravel to Classic. Don't let Breismeisters gravel rig fool you, it's a no-holds-barred shredder. 

There are few limitations to Ritchey components, such as…We’ll get back to you on that.  As long as Tom has been riding, adventure and exploration have played a key factor in the route - or lack thereof. For an equal amount of time, Tom has been designing components for those excursions that offer substantial performance and capability.

Breismeister’s build is worthy of rip roaring events like Dirty Kanza, Grinduro or the last time you got lost in the wilderness just before dark. A careful combination of high volume 40c WCS Speedmax and cleverly integrated bi-laminated tubing, this bike is sure to turn heads as it sails by on the trail.


Name: Doug Breismeister



Years building: 5 years

Focus: Gravel/All-road, Cross & Road. In that Order. 

Last good thing you ate: Pork Udon

Build Features: Race-ready gravel bike with subtle bi-laminate "lugs"




Fork: WCS Carbon Gravel



Bar Tape:


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