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NAHBS 2019 Bike Check with Black Cat Cycles

North American Handmade Bicycle Show is a treat we get to participate in every year by working with our partners in the custom builder community. This year we featured 4 different custom steel bike builders in our booth, each with a different take on our individual lines from WCS gravel to Classic. Todd from Black Cat shows us his take on WCS Road. 

For Ritchey, road is king. It’s where Tom got his start in bicycle design and construction, after all. Very quickly, Tom’s desire to support high end bicycle performance and racing with high end racing components became the bar by which the industry was measured. Time and again, WCS components have proven their mettle in performance amongst an industry clouded with jargon and buzz.

There are few builders of Black Cat’s caliber that understand the value of steel and the properties that make the material as versatile as it is. Black Cat’s build is more than just a tarmac loving road ride- it’s an all out all road rider that is comfortable exploring hard pack as well as new pavement.

Black Cat Biycles-

Name: Todd Ingermanson



Years building: 17 years. Yikes.

Focus: Not sure. Used to be 29er single speeds, all day long. These days it seems to be a healthy mix of off-road and road. Honestly, I like anything where the new owner is engaged and interested.

Last good thing you ate:  Just wolfed down some homemade pupusas.

Build Features:  A mix of True Temper S3 (retro!), and Columbus Life steels, with a custom made Enve Composites top tube and seat mast. The lugs are hand fabricated for the tubeset, and for the specific needs and tolerances of carbon fiber tubing. It was built as a full-on speed machine. Classic road angles, with geometry to feel comfortable all day. It's a 57.5cm frame.









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