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WCS Kite Dropper Seatpost



When designing the WCS Kite dropper, Tom looked at what makes existing droppers fail and why their lifespan was so short. He knew service was a main contributing factor in dropper's lives, and wanted to create a post that could be easily serviced should something happen. In doing so, he created a system that is deceptively simple and incredibly reliable.

The 3-position Kite offers 30mm of initial drop - the optimal height for lowered center of gravity while still providing an efficient pedal stroke - and full drop for when getting low an behind the rear end is necessary.

Tech Specs

Material2014 alloy
Total length380mm (including 80mm of minimum insert)
Travel options125mm
Saddle clamp2-bolt fore/aft
Saddle clamp torque10Nm (max)
Seat collar torque5Nm (max)
Inflation pressure10psi
Weightsub 500 grams (including remote & housing)
Three travel stops (0, 30mm, full drop)
Stealth cable routing 
Compatible with a variety of brake lever and bar mount configurations including Shimano I-SPEC I / II & SRAM Matchmaker 
Included remote lever with standard clamp (lower left / upper right setup), housing and cable, barrel adjuster
Easily servicable
Ritchey WCS KITE Dropper Post Installation

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