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JOB TITLE: Retail Accounts Sales Manager

Reports to: U.S. Sales Manager Company: Ritchey Design, Inc.

Number of direct reports to this position: 2 Department: Sales / Grade: 9

Departmental budget (Est. in US$): Profit impact: Direct Shared__ Indirect__

Date: 3/22/16 Updated: 2016 Approved: last review


Participate in shaping annual sales plan for RD Retail, Distributor and National accounts plus minimum gross margin goal. Accomplish sales plan and track trends on a quarterly basis, providing advice of overages and shortages. Manage Outside Sales Rep force. Produce monthly YTD / Goal rep reports. Provide all necessary servicing to these accounts in order to maximize sales potential. Represent Ritchey strategic goals to accounts. Provide estimated sales return for new products. Manage goals and performance evaluation for direct report. Contribute to RD Team goals as outlined by management.


1. Accomplish monthly sales goals.

2. Publish monthly sales rep YTD/ Plan reports + year-end report

3. Provide monthly info as to how the sales plan is trending and category performance results.

4. Provide timely and accurate information to accounts in order to service admin issues.

5. Insure incoming PO’s entered into SAP upon day of arrival once information is correct and confirmed

6. Manage annual Retail Direct Preseason and Drop Ship Program and keep accurate dollar totals.

7. Generate Annual Sales Programs while meeting company goals for profitability

8. Manage outside Sales Rep force goal to plan for maximum contribution to sales and profit goals

9. Plan and conduct annual rep sales meeting pre-show: YTD goal to plan, product specs, programs, admin issues, PD ideas.


1. Manage the output of monthly special sheets.

2. Maintain all rep contracts and territory changes with proper legal documents.

3. Manage all coding of accts in SAP so proper rep is assigned to account.

4. Assist PD & GM by participating in product specs to make them market-targeted.

5. Provide accurate new product forecasts relevant to channel.

6. Provide monthly sales analysis and inventory reports to outside Sales Rep force.

7. Provide technical data and product information to retailers and outside Sales Rep force as info is available.

8. Manage IB catalog / Program packets are ready by IB show

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